Saturday, October 4, 2008

Two and Oh

Well, all four of the first round playoff series are 2-0 now. It's looking like the Tampa Bay Rays will be heading to the ALCS, four wins away from the World Series! I wonder if anyone predicted that at the beginning of the season. They do have to head to Chicago now to face the White Sox on their home field, so they can't celebrate yet, but they are playing well. Best of luck to the Rays.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Chicago

Cubs lost yesterday. White Sox lost today. Cubs are losing tonight 6-0. I love the city of Chicago. I love Wrigley Field. I'd love to see the Cubs win a World Series since it has been 100 years since they last won a World Series. It's not looking good this year though. Then again, the Red Sox came back from a 3-0 ALCS deficit a few years ago, so I guess there is still some hope. No matter what happens though, you've gotta love playoff baseball. And thinking about the how long it's been since the Cubs won a World Series gets me to thinking about my all time favorite cards, the T206 cards. Here's a little vintage Chicago tribute.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Congratulations Brewers!

Even though the Brewers lost today to the Phillies, I'd like to congratulate them on making the playoffs behind the brilliant mid-season acquisition of C.C. Sabathia. Thinking of the Brewers today reminded me of my favorite ballcard when was kid. The first packs of cards I ever bought were 1976 topps baseball cards, and my favorite card was #564, the 1976 Kurt Bevacqua Bubble Gum Blowing Champ card. I thought it was really cool that there was a bubble gum blowing championship in the first place, and I was amazed that Kurt Bevacqua was blowing a bubble twice as big as his entire head! The back of the card shows the entire bracket with winners of each match. There were 22 participants from 22 different teams, and somehow Kurt Bevacqua from the Brewers and John Steams received byes in the first round.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Crime Doesn't Always Pay

When a middle age man from Louisiana decided he wanted to make a quick buck by ripping off a couple of sports cards dealers, he got more than he bargained for. These sports card dealers didn't just file a police report, they went after the thief themselves! A little eBay detective work was all it took. It wasn't long before they spotted one of the stolen cards, a rare autographed Chris Paul card for sale on eBay. They put in a fake bid, won the card, and got the guys address by telling him they needed to mail him a money order. Maybe we should get these guys up to Washington to help out with this bailout fiasco. You can find more on this story at The St. Tammany News.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Topps Heritage Brought Me Back

Let's flashback to 2004. I was a sports card collector who was lost. Sure I still bought cards and sold cards on EBay, but it had been probably 10 years since I had opened a pack of cards. I was submitting a lot of T-206 cards to PSA for grading back then, so I was a frequent visitor to the great PSA (Collector's Universe) message boards. I ran across a small group of collectors who were raving about these Topps Heritage cards. Having been focused strictly on vintage cards at the time, I had never even heard of Topps Heritage before. But the concept struck something in me. The thought of current players on vintage style cards was very appealing. The 2004 Topps Heritage set was based on the 1955 Topps set, which happened to be one of my favorite Topps designs. So I hurried over to the local Target store and picked up a few blaster boxes (11 packs at the time, you bought 10 and got the 11th free) and I pulled the beauty below. And that was it--I was back in the wax pack game!