Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Preview With Video

Topps Heritage is my favorite modern set, and the 2009 version is set to be released in a little over a month. Topps has already let a few details slip out and it looks to be a very nice set. The Topps Heritage site has the preliminary 2009 checklist posted:

2009 Topps Heritage checklist

Beckett has a slideshow with some 2009 Topps Heritage sample cards:

Beckett Slideshow

Topps has also discovered youtube and created a slideshow/interview type video for youtube. You can view this video below.

A lot of the main features will be similar to the 2008 set. There will still be 500 cards including 75 short prints in the base set, a 15 card New Age Performers set, a 10 card Then and Now set and 10 card sets of Baseball Flashbacks and News Flashbacks. The chrome/refractors will be there as well as the Real One Auto's, Clubhouse Collection cards, etc.

One new feature will be a five card set of Clubhouse Collection dual autograph relics. Each one will be hand numbered to 10 and will have two players from the same team on the card, one vintage 1960 players and one modern player. Each of these will feature an auto and relic from each of these players.

Looks to be like another great Topps Heritage set! I know I'll ripping some packs.

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