Saturday, January 24, 2009

Before the Legion of Doom There Was...Third Base for the Blue Jays??

It never ceases to amaze me what kind of interesting cards you will find when looking through a box of commons. I came across the card below when doing just that. I had no idea that Eric was a baseball player, and this was before he played in the NHL. It says on the back of the card that he is expected to be the first pick in the 1991 NHL draft. I checked Baseball-Reference and they have no stats for him, so I'm assuming he didn't make it past the tryout stage. But it's still a cool card.


RWH said...

I think this was part of an exclusive deal that Eric Lindros signed with Score. He never actually played baseball, but Score wanted to capitalize on the hype and created this card to add some buzz. He was just at SkyDome taking batting practice, but not an actual baseball player.

Chris said...

It does sound like a marketing ploy, although it does say on the back of the card that he hit over .400 in high school and would be given a tryout with the Blue Jays. I wonder if he actually did try out. Kind of a neat card anyway, especially for a 1990 Score card.