Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Ultimate Larry Bird Autograph

Yesterday a friend of mine was telling me about the time when he pulled a Michael Jordan redemption auto out of a pack and sold it for over five grand. The Jordan card was numbered out of 23 and it was in the late 90's/early 2000's. That got me thinking as to what the top Larry Bird auto out there is, so I checked on ebay of course and I found some thing pretty strange and accidentally found the answer to another question that has been in the back of my mind for a while now. The top Bird auto that I found was a Bird/OJ Mayo auto that sold for $99,000! I could not believe that, but when I looked at the actual auction details there were some strange things in there. Here is the listing:

Larry Bird/OJ Mayo Auto

This is a nice card for sure, but $100k? Then I noticed the original buy it now price...$500. There were several declined offers and then the $99,000 best offer was accepted (of course). So that answers the question that had been buried in my mind about if you could offer a price higher than the buy it now price in a best offer situation. Looks like the answer is yes. I was interested in finding out a little more about this card, so I checked the feedback. Positive feedback was left for the seller:

A++ ebay seller, verry understanding :o)

When I looked yesterday, positive feedback was left for the buyer too. I assumed this meant that some type of accidental offer had been submitted, although it seems like it would be tough to enter $99,000 accidentally. I guess they could have been offering $990.00 and forgot the decimal, but that would still have been well above the original buy it now price. And to throw another twist in, when I went to look at the item again today, the buyers feedback has been changed to "private" so you can't read the feedback anymore. I have emailed the winner to see if they would send me some information on what really happened here, and I'll post any updates if and when the contact me.

So, just what was the top Bird card if you don't include this one. There is this sweet card, a Quad auto with signatures from Bird, Magic, Jordan and Dr. J which went for just over $1,000 in a true auction format.

Bird/Magic/Jordan/Dr. J Quad Auto

The best solo Bird auto I found went for close to $700 in a true auction. It is a Letterman card that features Larry's auto inside of the "B" from a game used jersey.

Larry Bird Letterman Auto

These are all very nice cards, but hopefully I will find out what really happened on that Bird/Mayo card.

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