Monday, February 16, 2009

The ARod Stimulus Plan

The ARod Stimulus Plan...or maybe it should be called the ARod non-Stimulus Plan. With the recent news coming out that ARod tested positive for banned substances a few years ago, and then his following interview/apology, I wondered how that would affect the price of Alex Rodriguez cards. They appear to be behaving much like the overall economy. I used one of ARod's most popular rookie cards as a test, the 1994 SP #15 card. Just the plain foil card, not the die-cut version or anything like that. Sometimes player collectors go crazy over Gem Mint 10 cards, so I checked a few completed auctions in grades of 9, from both BGS and PSA. Here is what ARod rookies sold for just before the recent news:

BGS 9 ARod Rookie Before News

PSA 9 ARod Rookie Before News

And here is how those cards sold after the news/interview:

BGS 9 ARod Rookie After News

PSA 9 ARod Rookie After News

Although this is a small sample, the drop in price is significant. Too bad you can't sell short baseball cards like you can with stocks. I don't see ARod cards recovering anytime soon.

1 comment:

Sooz said...

That's a $100 drop off. That's pretty significant.

I was thinking about this the other day as well, but never got around to looking.

I think in time his cards are going to go back up, you know - if ever gets a big hit in the playoffs - so now is the time to buy if you been hankering for that card.