Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nomo Recession Here

How much would you guess that a Hideo Nomo card would sell for in these troubled economic times? The card that I am looking at is going for a price that I absolutely cannot believe! This is not a rookie card, it is not an autographed card or even a game used card. It is numbered, but only to 25. It is number 01/25, and the first card usually get a little premium, but this is insane! If anyone knows the history behind this card, let me know. There has to be some reasoning for this.

Crazy Hideo Nomo card


dayf said...

Crusade Red cards are notoriously hard to find. Add the #1 premium, add the Japanese collector base, add a couple lunatics trying to outbid each other... voila! instant crazy auction.

Groat said...

Mario did a post on this set not too long ago. Apparently, as you can see, they're pretty sought after.

capewood said...

If I had that much money to spend on a baseball card, I'd spend it on something else.