Thursday, March 12, 2009

And The Number of Heritage Variations Continues to Increase

Kevin from the PSA boards (aka Heritage King) talked to his contact at Topps and they are saying that there are actually SEVEN super short print variations in the 2009 Heritage set. Of course we already know about:

"Thom" Glavine

Smoltz in BoSox Uni

Hanley in BoSox Uni

Fred Lewis with Randy Winn Pictured

The Beckett checklist is showing a variation for #58 Conor Jackson (A DBacks version and a Rays version) and a #407 Randy Winn variation with Fred Lewis pictured. The seventh is still a mystery, although there has been at least one person talking about a rumored Carlos Quention variation. None of these three latest variations have shown up yet. Check your cards!


Anonymous said...

Is the Aramis Ramirez "ARAMIS" card a variation, or just one of those weird things Topps does every so often?

Chris said...

All of the Aramis Ramirez cards that have surfaced so far have just his first name on the front of the card, so at this point it is not a variation, just a Topps thing. That could still change as the seventh variation is still undiscovered.

Anonymous said...

There's an Adrian Gonzalez on eBay with a Rangers logo instead of the Padres. Could that be the 7th SP?

dayf said...

Jeez, I get distracted from cards for a couple weeks and all hell breaks loose.