Friday, March 6, 2009

Holy Unbelievable Retail Heritage...And Another Variation

First off, just wanted to let you know that a fourth 2009 Topps Heritage super short print variation have been discovered, and the price is already getting up there:

2009 Topps Heritage Fred Lewis Variation

Now let's get to some crazy Topps Heritage stats. I finally got my first case of 2009 Topps Heritage delivered today. It's a case of 8 retail boxes of 24 packs each. I had not seen any retail odds yet, so I first took a look at the pack odds before opening any:

2009 Topps Heritage Retail Odds

So out of an average 192 pack retail case like mine, I should get approximately the following:

64 Short Prints
19 Chromes
6 Refractors
A decent shot at 1 Black Refractor (1 in 250 Packs)

So what did I actually get:

65 Short Prints (pretty close)
0 Chromes, yes zero!
17 Refractors (Holy Cow!)
4 Black Refractors (Double Holy Cow!!)

I have another case from the same distributer that I will open tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if this case is a fluke or if Topps somehow really messed up the retail distribution of chromes, refractors and black refractors. Here are the black refractors that I pulled (each is serial numbered out of 60):

2009 Topps Heritage Ryan Doumit Black Refractor
2009 Topps Heritage Andre Ethier Black Refractor
2009 Topps Heritage Rich Harden Black Refractor
2009 Topps Heritage Dustin Pedroia Black Refractor


beerandbaseballcards said...

Sweet Doumit! If you want to trade for that...let me know!

Matt Rupert said...

Nice Pedroia!

Anonymous said...

i love that pedroia!