Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Retail Topps Heritage Case Busting Craziness

In an unrelated note, the 2009 Topps Heritage Mickey Mantle Cut Signature 1/1 auction ends today. It's already well over $1000:

2009 Topps Heritage Mantle Cut Signature Card

Unfortunately, no cut signature cards for me yet! Now back to my case results. After being the substitute coach for a five year old soccer double header, I was finally able to finish opening the second case. The results were a little bit less dramatic, but still way off the odds. I did finally get some regular chromes, but I pulled quite a few more refractors than chromes. Here are the results:

Case #2
61 SP's -- A little less than the expected 64, but close
16 Refractors -- Quite a few more than the expected 6, but closer than case #1
10 Chrome -- Quite a few less than the expected 19, but again closer than case #1
1 Black Refractor -- Nice card, about right for the odds (1 in 250 packs)
2 Red Autos -- Beat the odds big time (1 in 935 packs), but two autos in one case is not unheard of

Overall, a very nice case. However, there is more retail case news. A few collectors broke some retail cases on the PSA boards and one was fairly normal, but one was another 4 Black Refractor case! It did produce some chromes, but it was also much heavier on the refractors than the chromes. Crazy stuff going on with these retail cases. One of my red auto's is a redemption, but here is the one that was included. Not a star by any means, but still a nice card:

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Nachos Grande said...

Interesting news there. I wonder if the retail cases are a better "deal" than a hobby case?

I like to buy a bunch of boxes to complete the set, but I usually find myself selling off the chrome refractors and black refractors (and any autos) to help recoup some of my money.