Monday, March 9, 2009

Poena Par Sapientia...Pain Equals Wisdom

Those were the words tattooed on John Odom's arm. Unfortunately John's story has come to an end. Although this blog is about sport's cards, I'll occasionally throw in a sports related story, and this one caught my eye. You probably don't recognize the name John Odom, he mostly languished in the minors and independent leagues and never made it onto a baseball card that I know of. But you probably remember his story. He was the player that was traded from on independent league team to another for 10 bats last year. He was able to brush off the trade for awhile, but it eventually got to him according to accounts from friends and teammates in this NBCSports article. It is an interesting read if you are a fan of the game. The article is two pages, so make sure to continue to the second page when you get to the bottom of the first page.

RIP John Odom

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