Monday, March 16, 2009

Talkin Bout My Variation

I finally finished opening my 2009 Heritage cards over the weekend and I pulled out one of the rare super short print variation cards. Nice!

2009 Topps Heritage Hanley Ramirez Variation with Red Sox uniform


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

very nice

rettroman said...

Yo Hello Topps Heritage freaks, am likewise, having all master sets w/chromes since 2001s Topps '52 designs ~ & first time blogger...and I, eBay handle "rettroman", investigated out the story behind the 2009 Heritage super scarce variations #s 346 & 407 with Winn & Lewis player pics reversed....ok its due to the 1960 Topps set UERs on White Sox players Martin and Peters same card #s 346 and 407. So ok whats the story if any besides team changes on variations of Hanley, Conor, and Smoltzie ? Quentin still rumored to be the 7th variation ? Love this Topps product above all & obscure stuff that cause brain flatulations !! Am at if anyone has further story scoop on the 7 variations. Happy Heritage Huntin'