Friday, July 17, 2009

Help Needed -- $500,000 Collection Stolen (Atlanta Area)

Wow, I saw this and this really stinks for Henry. Henry is a poster on the PSA (Collectors Universe) message board and has asked collectors to pass this on. Help if you can and hope you recover your cards Henry. It looks like a truly amazing collection. The contact information is at the bottom of the post.

Major baseball card card collection stolen valued at over 500K.

Most bought on ebay and from major dealers over the past 3 years.
Many completed and near completed sets from 1970 to 1981 all psa graded (over 70% of these are registered with PSA under MintMoondog)
100s of PSA from the 60s - mainly 1970s:
Included PSAs are 3 complete and near complete 72 topps, 5 complete and near complete 75 minis (with approx 2000 extras), 2 near complete 76 topps, near complete 73 and 74 topps, near complete 77, 78 and 80 sets.
Thousands of rookie cards including 1954-56 Al Kaline in psa8, 14 psa 9 Yzerman rookies, 2 psa 10 Yzerman rookies, 40 Cabrera rookies, Pujols, 50 psa 9, and 20 psa 10 Barry Sanders Score rookies
Several raw complete sets including 3 from 1975 mini, 2 1972, 2 1973, several from the later 1970s, 20 1984 DR sets.
Several unopened cases including 2 1977 sealed vending cases, 2 mini cases, one sealed and one cracked recently won in the REA auction, one sealed 1979 vending case, 1 sealed 1981 vending case. one box with 14 1977 vending and 15 1979 vending boxes. Many many others too numerous to list.

4 paintings: Sandy Koufax and Shoeless Joe Jackson recently won in this years REA spring auction, one Bird and Magic Johnson #99/99 from Stephen Holland, 1 Blood Ryan from Stephan Holland.
These cards will most likely be sold out of the Atlanta/Duluth area of Georgia. Very few collections come from this part of the country.

A reward will be given for information leading to the arrest of the thieves.

2002 Silver Honda Accord with many distinguishing dents and scratches (well worn)

Contact information: Henry Moon 678-473-7819
Detective J. L. Smith 770-513-5327

Thank you,
Henry (MintMoondog)

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