Friday, November 13, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers Preview

For the second consecutive year, Topps will release a Topps Heritage High Numbers set as an addition to the regular set. The new set is scheduled for a November 18th release date. If you are familiar with the 2008 High Numbers set, then you are already familiar with the 2009 set as they are almost identical. You can view the preliminary 2009 High Numbers checklist here:

2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers Checklist

Just like the 2008 set, there are 220 cards in the set including 35 short prints and 75 rookie cards. They are numbered from 501-720, continuing the original 500 card set from earlier in the year. The insert cards are the same as well, including a 15 card Rookie Performers set, a ten card Then and Now set and a ten card Flashbacks set featuring highlights of the 2009 baseball season.

There are three 100 card chrome sets. The regular chrome cards are sequentially numbered to 1960, the refractor cards are numbered to 560 and the black border refractors are numbered out of 60. There are 16 different Real One Certified Autograph cards with blue ink versions and the rarer red ink versions which are hand numbered out of 60. There are also five different Real One dual autograph cards that are numbered out of 25.

The 2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers set has several different types of relic cards. There are 40 Clubhouse Collection relic cards that are each numbered out of 60, five different Clubhouse Collection Dual Relic cards that are numbered out of 60 and three different Flashback Stadium Relic cards that are numbered out of 60. Ten of the Clubhouse Collection relic cards have autographed versions that are numbered out of 25 and there are five different dual relic cards that are autographed and numbered out of 10.

The most sought after Topps Heritage cards are the cut signature autograph cards, and the 2009 High Numbers set has 13 of them, each numbered one of one. For some odd reason, they are split into two different years with 10 of the cut signatures coming from 1960 and three of them coming from 1959. Maybe they had three left from last year that the forgot to include in the set.

If you buy your Heritage cards by the box or case, the make up is essentially the same as in previous sets. A hobby case yields 12 boxes of 24 cards, and just like in 2008 each pack will include six Topps Heritage cards and two Topps Updates and Highlights cards. The Updates and Highlights cards drive Heritage collectors crazy, but they are there again. Each box should contain an advertising panel featuring three players and one out of every two boxes should contain an original 1960 buyback card embossed with the Topps logo on the front. Every hobby box should yield one autograph or relic card. Unfortunately, the autograph checklist does not have many big name players, but last year there were a few last minute additions to the autograph set. Hopefully the same occurs this year. Either way, this set should tide Topps Heritage collectors over until the 2010 set is released in about four months.

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Joe S. said...

Wait a sec... so there are two different sets in one pack (Heritage and Updates and Highlights)??? That's lame. Topps does this with Bowman, too.

And I thought Upper Deck was bad with their retrospective garbage...