Friday, July 17, 2009

Help Needed -- $500,000 Collection Stolen (Atlanta Area)

Wow, I saw this and this really stinks for Henry. Henry is a poster on the PSA (Collectors Universe) message board and has asked collectors to pass this on. Help if you can and hope you recover your cards Henry. It looks like a truly amazing collection. The contact information is at the bottom of the post.

Major baseball card card collection stolen valued at over 500K.

Most bought on ebay and from major dealers over the past 3 years.
Many completed and near completed sets from 1970 to 1981 all psa graded (over 70% of these are registered with PSA under MintMoondog)
100s of PSA from the 60s - mainly 1970s:
Included PSAs are 3 complete and near complete 72 topps, 5 complete and near complete 75 minis (with approx 2000 extras), 2 near complete 76 topps, near complete 73 and 74 topps, near complete 77, 78 and 80 sets.
Thousands of rookie cards including 1954-56 Al Kaline in psa8, 14 psa 9 Yzerman rookies, 2 psa 10 Yzerman rookies, 40 Cabrera rookies, Pujols, 50 psa 9, and 20 psa 10 Barry Sanders Score rookies
Several raw complete sets including 3 from 1975 mini, 2 1972, 2 1973, several from the later 1970s, 20 1984 DR sets.
Several unopened cases including 2 1977 sealed vending cases, 2 mini cases, one sealed and one cracked recently won in the REA auction, one sealed 1979 vending case, 1 sealed 1981 vending case. one box with 14 1977 vending and 15 1979 vending boxes. Many many others too numerous to list.

4 paintings: Sandy Koufax and Shoeless Joe Jackson recently won in this years REA spring auction, one Bird and Magic Johnson #99/99 from Stephen Holland, 1 Blood Ryan from Stephan Holland.
These cards will most likely be sold out of the Atlanta/Duluth area of Georgia. Very few collections come from this part of the country.

A reward will be given for information leading to the arrest of the thieves.

2002 Silver Honda Accord with many distinguishing dents and scratches (well worn)

Contact information: Henry Moon 678-473-7819
Detective J. L. Smith 770-513-5327

Thank you,
Henry (MintMoondog)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Topps Releases Allen & Ginter SP List, Invisible Man Auto and More

2009 Allen & Ginter Checklist

The short prints are 301-350 as suspected. Other interesting notes:

There are several short printed blue ink auto's (print run after players name):
AGA-MC Miguel Cabrera 49
AGA-DW David Wright 49
AGA-JW Jayson Werth 49
AGA-JR Jose Reyes 49
AGA-JC Joba Chamberlain 49
AGA-DO David Ortiz 49
AGA-MH Matt Holliday 49
AGA-RH Ryan Howard 49
AGA-LM LaShawn Merritt 239
AGA-AT Anna Tunnicliffe 239
AGA-MZ Mariel Zagunis 239
AGA-WE Walton Glenn Eller 239
AGA-KA Kristin Armstrong 239
AGA-SB Stephanie Brown Trafton 239
AGA-DOW Dominique Wilkins 239
AGA-FE Frank Evans 239
AGA-AP Art Pennington 239
AGA-RM Red Moore 239
AGA-HS Herb Simpson 239
AGA-CP Clyde Parris 239
AGA-WW Willie Williams 239
AGA-MN Millito Navarro 239
AGA-BM Billy The Marlin 239
AGA-HT Hannah Teter 239
AGA-SD Shani Davis 239
AGA-CO Cat Osterman 239
AGA-RMA Robbie Maddison 239
AGA-BC Bob Crowley 239
AGA-RF Richard Fosbury 239
AGA-SW Steve Wiebe 239
AGA-WS Will Simpson/Archie Bunker 239
AGA-MM Mike Metzger 239
AGA-BBE Bryan Berg 239
AGA-IK Iris Kyle 239
AGA-BCA Brian Cappelletto 239
AGA-LO Loren Opstedahl 239
AGA-LC Lynne Cox 239
AGA-BY Brock Yates 239
AGA-JH John Higby 239
AGA-BK Burke Kenny 239
AGA-KM Kolan McConiughey 239
AGA-YM Yuto Miyazawa 239

The unannounced Creatures and Inventions sets each have five cards:
nventions of the Future
FI1 AeroMobile
FI2 Clock Defier
FI3 Protecto-Bubble
FI4 Here-to-There-o-matic
FI5 Mental Movies

Extinct Animals
EA1 Velociraptor
EA2 Dodo
EA3 Xerces Blue
EA4 Labrador Duck
EA5 Eastern Elk

There are five of the hated creature relics (each numbered to ten):
The Loch Ness Monster
The Invisible Man

There is also an Invisible Man auto which can only be seen under a black light (also only ten of these). I am sure these will be loved as much as the creature relics.

Elementary My Dear Watson

I did not even realize that the British Open started this morning, nor that my favorite golfer of all-time (Tom Watson) was even playing this year, nor that the 2009 open is taking place at Turnberry, the very same spot where Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus had one of the most famous finishes in British Open history in 1977. So when I turned on Dallas sports radio station The Ticket this morning you can imagine my shock when I heard that not only was Mr. Watson playing, but he is in the lead after the first day! Growing up in Kansas City in the 70's and 80's, you loved Tom Watson, even if you were not a huge follower of golf. Tom was right up there with George Brett and Lynn Dawson. He really was. And the 1977 British Open had a lot to do with that. Watson and Nicklaus both shot a 68 in the first round. They both shot a 70 in the second round. They both shot a 65 in the third round. It doesn't get any closer than that. They were tied going into the last day, ten strokes ahead of anyone else. They were tied after 16 holes on the last day. I can't really do justice for what happened on 17 and 18, the article linked above does a much better job. But suffice it to say that one player won by one stroke, and they finished with the lowest and second lowest scores in British Open history. Watson has won the British Open five times and faced the greatest golfer of all-time in the process (Tiger may be better but at this point Nicklaus still holds the records). At 59, I know there is almost no shot of Watson pulling off this miracle, but I'll be rooting for him and I now have a great reason to watch the tourney. Go Tom!

1981 Donruss Tom Watson