Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Hole In The Wall Treasure

How would you like to be tearing down a wall in your house and happen to find an old baseball card inside of the wall? That would be exciting. How would you like it if you then found out that the card was a 19th century tobacco card of a hall of famer? Perhaps a card from one of the rarest baseball card sets of all time. Perhaps the only example of the card known to exist. This all happened to Mike Gazo at his mom's home in Tamaqua, PA. It actually happened 12 years ago, only Mr. Gazo did not know the significance of the card until recently. The card is an 1893 Just So Tobacco card of hall of famer Buck Ewing. There are only an estimated 15 or so of these cards from the entire set known to exist today, and a Buck Ewing card was thought to have been included in the set but one had never been found. Last week, Mike Gazo decided to find out more about the card as he was looking for things to sell to help pay some medical bills for his mother. The card will be auctioned off by Robert Edward Auctions in their next auction and should fetch several thousand dollars. It will be interesting to see the bidding on this one of a kind card. You can read more about the card at Rare Vintage Baseball Card Find.