Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Opened Some 2010 Topps

This is the first bulk purchase of regular Topps cards for me in probably 20 years. The past few years I have starting buy wax again, but have stuck to the vintage style cards like Topps Heritage and Allen & Ginter. This year I decided to hop back on the modern bandwagon. I like the 2010 Topps cards. Look pretty nice and good quality. As usual, Topps threw in a few last minute surprises that were not on the preliminary 2010 Topps checklist such as the rare Pie In Face NY Yankee variation cards and an extra insert set called Legendary Lineage. Here are a few of the highlights from my first half case of 2010 Topps:

Hank Greenberg Peak Performance Relic Card (Always nice to get a hall of fame relic card)

2010 Topps Collin Peak Performance Hank Greenberg Relic Card

Christy Mathewson Variation Short Print (Base set variation card)

2010 Topps Christy Mathewson Variation Card

Robin Yount Variation Short Print (Another base set variation card)

2010 Topps Robin Yount Variation Card

Collin Balester Peak Performance Auto (Not familiar with Collin, but hopefully he's a top prospect!)

2010 Topps Collin Peak Performance Balester Auto


ManOfSteal said...

Topps did actually have the "Legendary Lineage" set on the initial checklist, only it was called "Past & Present." I think they realized that with the Peak Performance cards, they'd have two sets with the "PP" prefix, so changed the name. When the Rickey Henderson "Past & Present" that was supposed to exist, never showed up on eBay, and the "Legendary Lineage" did, I realized what they had done.

Anonymous said...

That's a really nice relic. :) I wasn't away there were so many variations in the base set.. Geez Louise!

Grand Cards said...

The Greenberg is a killer pull. Killer.