Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Topps Heritage Scans

I've been so busy buying, selling, trading, packing and shipping Topps Heritage cards that I haven't had time to post (aka show off) some of my hits from 2010 Topps Heritage. Here are a few scans, more to come later...

Nice black refractor.

2010 Topps Heritage Joe Mauer Black Refractor
An example of a framed stamp card. These are numbered out of 50.

2010 Topps Heritage Mariano Rivera/Johan Santana Framed Stamps
Nice stadium seat relic.

2010 Topps Heritage Bob Gibson Seat Relic
HOF auto's are always nice.

2010 Topps Heritage Red Schoendienst Red Auto

1 comment:

Sharpe said...

That Mauer card is super sweet. I must have one!