Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Amazing 45 Minutes

Thanks to The Ticket in Dallas for pointing out this SI story. Seventy-five years ago, Jesse Owens put on an athletic display which some say has never been equaled. It happened at the Big Ten Track and Field Championship in Ann Arbor, MI. Here is a brief breakdown of what Jesse accomplished on his way to scoring 40 of OSU's 40.2 points that year!

3:15 PM Ties world record for 100m dash. May have actually broken the record.
3:25 (Yes, 10 minutes later) Breaks world long jump record by six inches.
3:34 (Yes, 9 minutes later) Breaks world record in the 220. Photos of Jesse towards the end of the race make it look like he is the only on on the track.
4:00 Jesse actually got to rest/prepare for 26 minutes before breaking the world record in the 220 low hurdles.

Pretty amazing, and the complete article does it much more justice:

SI article on Jesse Owens at the 1935 Big Ten Track Meet

2010 would have been a great year for an Allen & Ginter Jesse Owens card, but he's not in the preliminary checklist. Too bad. At least we have this 1983 Topps Olympians card:

1983 Topps Olympians Jesse Owens


Rod (Padrographs) said...

And Jesse once owned a baseball team in Portland, OR. The Portland Rosebuds of the West Coast Negro League in 1946 and Jesse used to run exhibitions in the outfield.

Chris said...

That is cool, I did not know that. Pretty amazing guy.