Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter is Live

Looks like a few collectors have already received their cases. Here a few interesting cards already up on eBay:

First rip card I've come across. Looks pretty nice.

2010 Allen & Ginter BJ Upton Rip Card

National Animals cards. Don't know if this subset interests me, but the artwork is nice.

2010 Allen & Ginter National Animals

There are a bunch of relic cards out there. The red borders look good. Here is one of the top rookie's of 2010:

2010 Allen & Ginter Buster Posey Relic

Hopefully A&G will be at Walmart and/or Target soon.

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dayf said...


Looks like I need to sell my other kidney to cover the Strasburg tax on my box.