Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Strasburg in 2010 Allen & Ginter? One May Have Surfaced!

Update: A poster on the PSA message boards says they have pulled a Strasburg mini and have contacted Beckett. A post on the Beckett blog said they confirmed that 100 plus cases had been opened so far with no Strasburg's pulled. So if this one is the real deal, it looks like the Strasburg mini might be a super, super short print!

Update 2: Looks legit. They just posted a pic of the card in hand:

Pic of Strasburg mini in hand

And it's up on eBay as well as a second Strasburg mini as a true one day auction. Should be interesting:

Strasburg's on eBay

Two Strasburg mini auctions appeared on eBay yesterday, but both were pulled early and seemed to have used the same pic. The sellers seem reputable judging from their feedback, so I'm guessing they got multiple cases and counted on getting a Strasburg mini so they went ahead and listed them with stock photos, then pulled them after they opened their cases and did not pull a Strasburg mini. There is word going around on the PSA boards that up to 100 cases of 2010 Allen & Ginter have been opened now and not one Strasburg card has been pulled. Perhaps all the Strasburg's will end up in retail because hobby ships out earlier. This could get interesting as their will be some extremely upset collectors if it turns out that no Strasburg's made it into hobby packs.

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Thorny said...

Someone on the PSA card forum is claiming that they just pulled one and contacted Beckett.