Friday, March 18, 2011

My 2011 Heritage Highlights (So Far)

Pulled a few nice 2011 Topps Heritage cards so far.

The coin cards are pretty cool.

2011 Topps Heritage Coin Cards

First auto...haven't heard of him but cool name and an auto is an auto.

2011 Topps Heritage Gordon Windthorn Auto

2nd auto, and it's red and a player I have heard of. Did not know that Mr. Yost held the record for most games played at 3b (as of 1962...haven't checked to see if the record was broken, but I'm guessing maybe Schmidt or Brooks broke it?).

2011 Topps Heritage Eddie Yost Auto

And my favorite auto of the year so far (but hopefully not my favorite by the end of my 2011 Heritage run)...

2011 Topps Heritage Ernie Banks Auto

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The Dimwit said...

Wow, those are some pretty sweet autos, especially the Yost and Banks! I like the coin cards too. Seeing other people's pulls almost makes me want to buy a box, but I'm resisting!!!!