Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Analysis of 2012 Topps Heritage Retail

Picked up a some 2012 Topps Heritage retail packs from the local Walmart yesterday. This is a very small sample, but here is what I got:

3 rack packs ($5.29 each plus tax): 1 chrome, 1 NAP, 1 SP, 1 Blue Border, 1 Stick On
5 blaster boxes ($19.98 each plus tax): 2 chrome, 1 black refractor, 3 NAP, 4 TN, 1 Baseball FB, 4 News FB, 5 Blue Border, 12 SP, 5 stick ons.

A couple of things I noticed, the packs are really easy to open this year (good), the cards so far look awesome (great), the only downside is the numbers on the back seem smaller than usual so it's going to be harder on my old eyes when I'm sorting. All in all, I'm liking this set a lot so far.

Here is the black refractor I pulled...not to bad.

2012 Topps Heritage Tim Lincecum Black Refractor


topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Seems they improve just a little bit more each year. That said, it's too bad the backs are so pristine white. I think it would be cool if the backs looked as aged as the fronts.

capewood said...

I pulled a black refractor from a blaster as well. The first I've ever seen. And a relic. I;ll have a post on my inserts on Monday.