Thursday, March 1, 2018

Wow...Ohtani Red Ink vs Mortgage Payment!!!

Holy cow!  There are two 2018 Topps Heritage Real One red ink auto's going in auctions right now on eBay and one is at $2,500 over four days left!  The other's almost twice that amount with three days left.  Those prices would cover most mortgage payments in the USA (including taxes and insurance escrow)!

2018 Topps Heritage Ohtani Red ink Auctions


Brett Alan said...

Insane! I mean, there is no guarantee he's going to be a superstar, and it isn't as though it's a 1/1 or even /5 or something.

I can't ever imagine myself dropping thousands on one card, but if I ever did it would be for a major vintage card.

Chris said...

I totally agree Brett. For comparison sake, I just checked completed listings on ebay and there is a very nice looking 1952 Topps Willie Mays graded by PSA as a 5.5 that sold for $4,800. I know which card I would rather have. It is fun to watch others bid on it though. I imagine a lot of the big bidders are fans from the Far East though, so if you've got the expendable money and he's your guy then that's cool too.

Fuji said...

Insane. Kudos to the seller who is gonna profit from this pull though.